Hold tight

Preparing the arena.


Owning hydration in almost all areas of active living, CamelBak turned to Digital Surgeons to help conquer a great challenge for their new Kudu packs – the intense passion of mountain bikers. With Kudu’s innovative spine protection, Digital Surgeons let riders know we “Got Your Bak” through an integrated campaign that built excitement for the now-safer experience of mountain biking, including celebrating the gnarliest descents on social media. CamelBak isn’t just on the mountain now; they own it.


With an ambition to disrupt the centuries-old game of golf, Arccos turned to Digital Surgeons to take an idea and mold it into a never-before-seen technology experience that would quickly break through a saturated industry. Beginning with the name (Arccos being the measure of a swing’s arc), Digital Surgeons developed not only a new brand, but an entire digital user experience that would transform the way the game was played. The competition wasn’t just crushed; golf itself was entirely changed, with Arccos users playing on-average two and a half more rounds per month with the new technology.


CrossFit is not exercise; it’s a cultural movement with a deeply ferocious fan-base. That’s why, when tasked with creating experiences that would drive membership for this new way of life, Digital Surgeons created compelling experiences that captured CrossFit’s intensity. A fire was successfully lit inside people, inspiring them to join the fitness revolution, and resulting in memberships and online interactivity shooting right through the damn roof.


Up-and-coming nutrition product company Fuel:One looked to Digital Surgeons to power up their brand by taking them international and connecting with more people. So in a saturated market, where every product set the same unreachable standards, Digital Surgeons crafted a unique story that transcended the market by not only speaking to the true goals of the target audience, but also transforming them into advocates with the launch of Fuel:One apparel that fit their active lifestyle. Fuel:One continues to get bigger and stronger by the day, powered by passionate fans who proudly display their new brand.


Digital Surgeons once again teamed up with CamelBak to celebrate how fans were using Eddy bottles to accessorize their lives. With their bottles, they’d colorfully express themselves and find inspiration to explore new worlds, no matter the challenges they faced. That’s why we launched digital experiences that would highlight their expressions and inspirations, in order to invite others to colorfully express themselves and discover their own colorful new worlds. So whether they were working out or climbing a great mountain, we helped them realize, these are more than water bottles; they are guides to new experiences they would always remember.